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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to browse McGregor hardware catalogs online?

If you are an existing client you just need to call us and ask for an account and you will be provided one. If you are a new client you need to fill out a dealer application form . You will then be contacted by a McGregor representative with your account.

Can I place orders online?

Yes, you can browse and place orders online. Your order will be reviewed and a McGregor representative will give you a call to confirm your order before shipping.

Can I pay for my orders online?

No, at this time McGregor does not offer this feature. You will continue to pay for your orders as you have in the past.

Can I recall an order I placed online?

Yes, if you accidently place an order online you can cancel it by calling McGregor or when McGregor calls to confirm the order.